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Pest Managment

What are Pests?

Pests are insects, mites, nematodes or any animal that is unwanted and harms the natural balance of a tree and its environment. Some insects and mites are needed and useful to a tree (bees are needed for pollination and the like.) Trees can also withstand some dangerous insects if the populations are low. Arborists refer to the numbers of a pest as the pressure. A low pest pressure is tolerable and requires no action. Moderate pressure is tolerable over a short period of time and requires no action. High pest pressures cannot be tolerated and cause the decline of the tree in a short period of time.


Pest Management

Pest management is the practice of keeping the natural balance of the environment. In cases of high pest pressure or if high pest pressure is predicted it warrants the use of pesticides. At every opportunity we apply chemicals that are low toxicity to mammals and as specific to the target pest as possible. By targeting the pest we attempt to allow the good insects and mites to retain adequate populations so that they may help keep the bad insects and mites under natural control. Over time this practice should lead to a reduced quantity of pesticides in our environment.


Pesticide Applications

Applications may be made to the soil, to the leaves, to the trunk’s surface, and even injected directly to the tree’s vascular system. Pricing ranges by the type of pesticide and by application method. Costs go from $75 up to over $300 a tree. Disease control must start with a site visit. Included in the cost of the site visit will be a treatment plan along with different options.



Sometimes pests cannot be seen or may easily be confused with other animals that are not a threat.  In these cases laboratory testing and analysis may be required.  Using our in house facilities reduces the time needed to get results back when days or hours are critical.  Lab work is $75 plus fees for consumable test kits.


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