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Tree Fertilization

What is tree fertilization?

Trees in the forest find nutrients in the soil to maintain good health and a reasonable rate of growth. Forest soils are fertilized by a process called nutrient recycling where leaves fall and decay, dead trees fall and decay, animals live, beneficial bacteria colonize and a myriad of complex biological interactions occur.  People like to grow trees in the most inhospitable places, our lawns.  Here the natural processes are greatly inhibited and trees will suffer as a result.  Fertilization is the addition of elements necessary for plants to thrive.


Granular Fertilizer

The application of this kind of fertilizer is typical of what most people envision.  This is good for a quick response but not so good for the long term maintenance of trees.  This type of application is used to restore VERY deficient soils or when extreme root loss has occurred.  The cost of this application is relatively inexpensive.  $75 per 12,000 square feet of rooting space.


Liquid Fertilizer

Liquid fertilizers are of the highest quality and behave similar to natural nutrient recycling.  This product is applied using specialized soil injection equipment.  A small amount of fertilizer is pumped from a tank into the ground under the tree canopy.  This is repeated, spacing the injection sites about three feet apart, to form a grid under the entire tree canopy.  Pricing starts at $220 and goes up depending on the total rooting area injected.  A typical tree is a single 14” Diameter trunk in the lawn area of a yard.  The pricing is not linear but gets cheaper per tree as the number of treated trees increase.


Soil Testing

Testing the soil for available nutrients is the best way to start a fertilizer program.  Testing includes sampling the soil from the area to be fertilized, mixing, drying, and analyzing the soil.  Based on the results I will custom blend a fertilizer for optimal plant health.  The standard test is $50 if contracting other services, otherwise testing costs $125 for the basic NPK test.  Microelements are an additional $15 each per test.  A pH test is included as part of all soil tests.


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