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Disease Control

What are tree diseases?

Trees are susceptible to a number of disorders caused by bad bacteria, fungi, and viruses. These organisms can attack trees through the roots, bark, and leaves. The causes for the disorders are a numerous as the types of organisms that cause them. However, the most common cause is the environment; lack of water, too much water, poor drainage, soils are compacted, nutrients are not available, not enough sunlight, too much sunlight, too cold, or too hot.


Controlling Diseases

Arborists use what is called in the industry as the Plant Health Care approach to manage disease. First it is necessary to determine the exact disease or disease complex before a treatment plan is developed. Treatment plans may include chemical applications, watering plans, drainage plans, pruning recommendations as well as other cultural changes or might be as simple as turning off an irrigation system. However, if the environmental and/or cultural problem cannot be changed it should be understood that tree diseases are not cured but only managed.


Chemical Applications

Applications may be made to the soil, to the leaves, to the trunk’s surface, and even injected directly to the tree’s vascular system. Pricing ranges by the type of fungicide, nutrient, or antibiotic and by application method. Costs go from $75 up to over $300 a tree.


Site Visit

Disease control must start with a site visit. Included in the cost of the site visit will be a treatment plan along with different options.


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