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Site Visits Within the Metro Atlanta Area

Basic Site Visit

Site Visits are a consultation conducted on your property.  During the site visit we will discuss as many of your trees and shrubs as you would like.  A typical visit lasts about 45 minutes and costs $75.  I will assess your trees for both a health status and a condition status.  Then we will discuss your options.

Tree Risk Assessment

Sometimes the basic consultation is not enough.  Rob is a Qualified Tree Risk assessor and can evaluate the structure of your tree(s) to help determine if your tree(s) might fall over.  This assessment takes a little longer and many times requires testing with a Resistograph.  A report is then generated and is suitable for use in court, with your Home Owners Association, your neighbor, or an insurance company. Pricing starts at $240 per tree and goes up to $300 per tree depending on the level of testing.

Level of Detail
The Virtual Visit

Are you a do it yourself kind of person?  I have a budget evaluation that is not exactly a site visit but is a virtual visit.  Send me a description of your problem, one or two photographs, and starting at $30 I can help you identify the problem and recommend a treatment plan if needed. 


Tree Valuation

From time to time you might have the need for a tree Valuation.  That is, what is the monetary value of your tree.  Tree values are used in insurance claims, casualty losses after a storm, cases of vandalism,   chemical trespass and a number of other situations.  A typical tree valuation costs $220 for a single tree.  If you have many trees on a single property the cost per additional tree after the first tree is $40.  If you have over ten trees, let’s talk.